Broken Mirror

Broken mirror Gaping alone, upon my broken mirror Of jagged rude edges clad in dust Twain people stare back at me There’s one sombre as stone, And one sassy as snake One pure like a dove, One shrewd and scold One sins and grins The other bears a saintly chin One has eyes that’s toxic […]

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3 Days

Day 1: Sure and surreal, felt this longing A clash, a connect? It was.. An opaque crystal chaos Day 2: Too good to be true, cried the crier Dizzied as flights of fantasies Turned slight then subtle candied moments Moments, they thought would last forever.. Day 3: Tick Tock Forever was ticking tocking, then ticked […]

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Why Marriage?

Warning: lengthy post, but read till the end. It will be worth it. I love ‘love’ (romantic relationships), it’s the best thing since sliced bread and avocados. Everyone who knows me well can attest to this. When I’m in love with someone, every one close to me knows cos I want to do everything and […]

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The Mindset

Mindset Mother always tells me “look at the mirror, that is potential, you have all it takes Grace, all it takes to be great”. I never understood, I thought it was another of those things she likes to exaggerate about. My reflection, potential? how? I was dark skinned, skinny, straight and freckled. How can any […]

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