Leave me a cloak


Leave me a cloak

Hold me like a bear on her first days meal
Let your arms whisper your love to me
Your big arms, my succour, my haven
Let it echo the song in our hearts
The tears in our smiles
As I drink in your delicious scent
Letting it wash off my senses
Body against body
Heart against heart
(Fabrics against currents)
Icy sensations, steamy breaths
Are those tears smeared upon your face?
Is that a fount I see in your eyes?
Oh sweet saltiness!
Oh ocean gushing forth from a ripped heart
The blood-plagued ocean
Diffuse into my chafed lips
Let all of me drown in your chilly warmth
Is this where it ends?
I beg thee say nay; say you’re here to stay
Don’t go, and plague me forever

If you must.. Leave me a cloak
©Grace Okoliko

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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