‘Almajiri’ – The homeless

With an air of nonchalance

He treads, barefooted

Upon wasted piles

And rotten gutters

Digging up dumps and garbage foods

Like a shadow

He swifts pass the crowd

Clinging desperately

The plate of hope beneath his arm

He’ll stare into any eye

Civility and shame jaded

Do you see his skeletal frame, lying under the bridge?

His back on theground

Wears only a piece of rag

His eyes, pale and sunken

From hunger pangs and thirst

Scorched lips and parched throat
He’s trekked through all the streets

He knows every bend and twists

With skilled dirty foot

And cracked heels to show for it

As if peoples scorn isn’t enough;

He’s constantly flogged by an angry sun

Mercilessly beaten by a cold rain

Poor soul, why art thou unlucky?

Why are you not in white socks like the rest?
©Grace Okoliko

Yes, they are around us; the bus stops, market gates, the bridge etc.

Just look for a second, and you’ll see lots of opportunities abound to do good. We want to do good, so we wait for a grand event to come through yet ignoring the little opportunities every where around us.

This goes for all religion and sect; giving assistance to the destitute among us, however little, shouldn’t only be reserved for a particular religion or charitable organizations.

We each have our roles to play and until we accept and do our bests, we’ll be making a mockery of our very nature – ‘human being’. Are we really being humans, when we disregard the poor, refusing to render assistance where we know we could?

And who says you have to be substantially rich and have more than enough before you help others.

I would like to measure riches instead by how much heart one has for giving.. Even a cup of water could be lifesaving!

There was this trend on social media few months ago, where some people picked up derelicts, cleaned them up, fed them clothed and housed them. In as much as I do not fancy people showing off their philanthropic deeds; I must admit I admired them.

With more people like that, I bet the world would be a much better place.

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Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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