What if I don’t want to be equal to him?

Satisfied and content in my skin

My brassieres, my heels

Yes, I’m unable to swat cockroaches

And spiders mortify me

It doesn’t make me a lesser me

He could pay the bills, bring home the cheese

I’ll do the laundry and pick the beans

He’ll make quick fixes, mow the meadows

I’ll make good meals and bathe the kids

I don’t want to fix my flat tyre

Sweat and ruin my mascara!

I think he’s pretty at office administrations

But suck at house decorations and party preparations
What if the word ‘submission’ appeals to me?

And I want to be the woman behind him not the wheels?

I’m who, man?I’m woman!

I love to be nurtured and cuddled

Spoiled rotten, worshiped and pampered

Put on my lipstick and six inches

And wait for the door to be opened for me
I’m at the top of my world

And in my next life or world

I’ll come back as me


As woman as I can ever be

#poetry #creativewriting
©Grace Okoliko

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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