Clara gushed into the room glowing and smiling like someone who had just won a lottery.
“Angela! Guess what?”
“What?” I asked with suspicious eyes.
“Tony Black asked me out on a date!” She exclaimed.
“What? How? You’re joking right?”
“Does it sound like I am?” Look, she began, after I sent him that text on Facebook. He responded by saying, he loved my guts and that I look pretty, he’ll love to meet me in person. And boom! Trust me, I dropped my contact immediately then he pinged me the address of where he’d like for us to meet.” She finished jabbering.
“Angela are you okay? She asked me who was still shocked to my feet.

Don’t get me wrong. Clara and I have been best friends since first grade and all I want is for her to be happy especially since the person in question has been her dying crush.
“Sure I’m okay. I just.. still can’t believe it. Famous Tony Black, asked you out! Damn, girlfriend, you’re one lucky bitch.” I remarked and both giggled.

“I know right, I guess I played my cards well. Oh and one more thing, I’ll like us to go together”.
“Together? To your first date with your crush?” I questioned.
“Yea any problem with that??”
“Of course, look, I don’t want to meddle in your affairs”.
“But you’re not meddling, you’re simply going with I don’t embarrass myself with too much anxiety. Abi you wan make I go fall my hand?” She pleaded.
“Okay fine, but just this once”.
“Thanks love you the best”.

” Whatever “. I sighed.

On the evening of the date, we both took our time to dress up. Clara wore a skimpy, dark dress that clung snugly to her curves. She let loose her long, brazillian hair causing it to glide all the way down her shoulders. I on the other hand, wore a short-pleated, wine dress with a deep v-neck that revealed my cleavages. She did the both of our makeup and we looked stunning, like celebrities. “After all, we’re hanging out with a celebrity, we might as well look like one”. She’d said earlier.

 Then we stepped out into the waiting cab.


  We returned home chatting excitedly with lots of takeaways like kids who just visited Santa Claus. Tony Black made sure we had fun as he was really generous with gifts and jokes. He was indeed an interesting person with a witty sense of humour. Put together with his handsome face and sexy physique, you’ll realise why the ladies loved him.

What I didn’t tell Clara however was, the side winks he gave to me and the numbers we carefully exchanged when she wasn’t looking.

I smiled inwardly.
I slotted the card into the door of room 111 which was on the 2nd floor of the exquisite hotel. To door opened to reveal a smiling Tony Black, in his bathrobe.
” What took you so long sweetheart?” He smirked, sending my heart into my throat. 

I simply swallowed.

We wasted no time as we hurriedly pulled out of our clothes. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. In fleeting seconds we were on the bed having hot, steamy sex. I think I heard the door creak open but we were too busy to look.
“Angela!” I heard and turned to see Clara, standing with bloodshot eyes. 

We quickly disentangled, still stark naked.
“Clara it’s… not……
” Just save it. I don’t want to have anything to do with you, ever again. You’re both dead to me, especially you”, she said pointing at me before barging out the door.
~The End~

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