Hello daydreamer,

I used to sit all by myself and make stories in my head, it was the best way I entertained myself. Solitude gradually became my hobby as I religiously looked forward to it. I later found the name for my secret passion is daydream.

Daydreaming as its name implies simply means conjuring or making up ‘dreams’ in your head while you’re awake (that’s my definition). Dictionary defines it as a spontaneous and fanciful series of thoughts while awake, not connected to immediate reality. Another word for daydreaming in this context is woolgathering. 

Daydreaming is both the seed and mother of rich imagination. Many great men and women from history and our time understand the value and potency of imagination, knowing that, it’s the only place there exist no limits in creation. In your imagination, you are a god. i.e you do and undo. 

It’s an amazing experience, having this whole new world in your head, so much color and motion, activities and events you dictate! It’s no wonder you could catch me smiling or laughing hysterically, with myself.

Today, I not only daydream for the fun of it but also for the enrichment it brings. It’s like my secret mine; the place I go to refill. You never go to her and come back empty.. She never fails me too.

To say I love daydreaming is an understatement; I live for it!

It’s my definition of fun, so much that I could spend a whole day indulging in it, often times I find myself looking forward to when I’ll be alone so I can daydream all I want.

You could say I’m obsessed, and I won’t budge cos someone who talks, laughs and cries with the creatures inside her head is pretty damned.

Now if you don’t daydream or once were, but now too busy to, I totally understand. It could be you’ve grown or maybe to you, it’s hogwash! 

And that’s fine too. I only wonder what you do when you’re alone like how do you keep yourself company? Peradventure you let your mind wander about, or better still, you focus on one thing and really ponder upon it. Maybe, you soliloquise and sometimes pace too. We all do one or two or three of those. They’re acts of daydreaming. So like it or not, we all daydream.

It then means, daydreaming doesn’t mean you’re lonely or an idler but (almost) everyone’s, secret pleasure.

So, enough with the myth that associates daydreaming with loneliness, depression or idleness. 

Embrace daydreaming with all of your heart you’ll find out you’re an interesting company worth spending time with.

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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