Destiny like relationships..

Ever wondered how complete strangers gradually turn friends, moreso, soul mates? And how someone you never imagined you could tolerate became a buddy overnight?

Love happened? Maybe not.

And sometimes the reverse is the case; for instance, you meet two persons A and B. ‘A’ captured your heart you bonded well and seem to flow with them than the other. Suddenly things changed after a misunderstanding and you saw another side to this person you trusted and became disappointed. You reconciled but the conversations are not the same you seem to walk on ice when you talk with them. This caused a rift that pushed you closer to man ‘B’. You became closer and discovered you judged him wrong after all.

This things happen to us everyday. We judge books by their covers all the time! None of this two persons (A & B) are better off we just concluded blindly, partially. Gave one time and benefit of a doubt. The other, not so much.

That colleague at work, that always smiles with you and acts caring. Give her time.

That guy next show that has told you his genuine feelings about you but you wrote him off because ‘he’s-not-your-type’, give him time.

That thing you love to do, that makes you forget to eat; you probably feel it isn’t right for you or isn’t paying your bills. Give it time.

Whatever be your own case, time shall tell

And if you’re still reading this post, you’ve noticed my emphasis on time and you’re thinking “but that’ll be waste of time”.

Time too shall tell. Cos by the time you’ve jumped in and out of several relationships or career options because of impatience or indecision, you’ll discover, bitterly, you wasted time. And have nothing solid or substantial just many shallow experiences. Likewise, you must know when to jump out of anything that isn’t working for you or has no future for you. Don’t be the frog that didn’t jump out of the water while it could but stayed, adjusting to it’s increasing temperature till it lost all it’s strength adjusting and couldn’t jump out when it was boiling hot. It didn’t make it.

Thanks for reading this long post if you made it up till here, lol. I hope you have a beautiful day and go live your dreams.
©Grace Okoliko

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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