The Internet

The internet

For knowledge it was birthed

To inform, uplift, nourish

Not deform, surfeit, brainwash

To validate, not relate

And promote originality, not mediocrity

We were all drawn to her

And like Peter’s net

A massive catch it fetched
But then, it’s fabric soon got broken

From misuse and abuse

And all who couldn’t swim drowned

For they were chained in cuffs of addiction

Chains that cut into their carcasses
The internet

WWW, a World Wide Web of wickedness it’s spun

That captures its victims like insects



Enslaving them for it’s crude entertainment

We gripped our sights with ‘google’ to search, but we don’t see

Cos what we looking for is right before us

We tweet but we don’t talk

And Facebook rather than face a book

And because we all want someone to click that damn ‘like’ button and flatter our efforts in keeping our masks on…

The fake smiles, fake poses, fake lives

We shield our shattered souls and scars while we portray a perfect picture of ourselves
The internet

A creation that became the creator, servant turned master

In a bid to be trendy we turned trashy and became vultures to keep in vogue

Our culture weeps, betrayed, as we sold her cheaply to embrace ‘technology’

We grope in the darkness of night and call ourselves ‘nightcrawlers’ yet we wonder..

We wonder why we’re unable to stand in the day and not stutter

Where are the early worms, who are up before dawn soaking up words from great books, chewing raw wisdom from the word?

Where are they?

I see so much socializing going on but can we say the same for evangelizing?
Oh words wore more colours when they were lettered in ink and splotches of tears

Stories were less shallow when fathers told them with saliva lacing the corners of their lips

Feelings were more genuine when there were no barricades of computer screens

LOL was not laughter and memories were not mere selfies

Lovers were poets, and music was not just entertainment
The internet

It stole the days when we sought knowledge in sweat and drank like desert camels

When books were weapons and our pens swords

It mocks us – the internet

Makes our strangers in our homes and worshippers of our phones

Our soul’s turned pale from much moping

Our brain go stale while we click away

We must take back caution from the wind

So from this addiction, we can be rid

The internet
©Grace Okoliko 2017

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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