Be nice

As simple as it seems, it doesn’t really come off naturally to a whole lot of people. While some may be exceptional at faking it and would readily give a blinding smile, others can only manage a stiff jaw. You could call it pretense but at least they tried. Some credit should be given them; like I often say fake it till it becomes real. Any practice done repeatedly and consistently becomes an acquired habit overtime. That is how wonderful our brains are conditioned.

Everyone prefers a warm reception than a mean reaction afterall.

So I sat on cool evening and thought, practicing the act of being nice it’s not a bad idea. I relived a number of events that had occurred during the day, and realized there’s a lot of nonchalance on the majority of peoples’ part towards politeness. I mean, can it be that hard; I feel it’s choice of words and body language that makes all the difference.

Someone reading this right now might be wondering, “why the hell will I want to be nice?” okay, that’s not a bad question. In a time like this, where freedom of expression is the norm, no one longer cares to impress. The new trend is being yourself and don’t care. But that is not cool and we don’t care.

However, since I am an advocate of going against trend and never been one to believe that aiming to impress or please the other is not a tag for stupidity or low self-esteem; I dare you break for this trend, go against this wrong tide, consciously aim to be nice today.

Yes, knock them off their feet with so much niceness that they fret. Because it’s not just cool, but smart, beautiful and bold. Make no mistake, this doesn’t make you mousy rather, the opposite effect is the case.

In addition, it does a whole lot more good on your self-esteem. You will not only feel positive about yourself and towards others, being nice makes you happier. And then it’s contagious, you carry it about everywhere you go and in all you do. People that come in contact with you feel happy and good. That’s something worth trying right?

So, I gathered a few examples on ways to use words that’d make us sound nicer. And I think I’m about to disappoint you with my very few list of examples (clears throat).

(Nice) Don’t Say:

(Not Nice):Say
Excuse me

Could you please excuse me
It’s none of your business

I’m sorry it’s not something I wish to discuss about
Leave me alone

I’m sorry please I’ll like to be alone for a moment. Thank you
We have scores to settle

There’s something I’d like to discuss with you

I’m talking to you!

Are you listening? Or are you paying attention?
This is a terrible performance

You tried, but you can do better

The list goes on and on, you can never be too nice. Niceness encompasses the extreme of what it stands for. Some of you, like me, might have been raised in environments that frown at the very idea of being nice. A selfish, harsh and abusive environment does great damage to the life of individuals. It will be tough unlearning such garbage that have accumulated over the years. But it is possible, to learn the act of niceness, with practice and diligence.

I love with these words: hate rudeness. Practice been nice. Seek every opportunity to do good and do it with the best of your ability. It’s the best way to live.

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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