The Clean Plate part 2

You see, there’s one thing we have little control over -the society. No matter how passionate about one is about the ills of their country, effecting a change is not a wake up and call thing. Even our past heroes laboured as patriotic as they were, I know our own independence was given to us on a platter of gold but then it was not a days job. 

Popular faith as regards change goes with the saying ‘change begins from you’ or ‘you’re the change you seek’ whichever.. 

In a weird comparison,  you might have little or no power in making someone Love you. But the good news is, when it comes to loving ourselves we have absolute power.  I think that’s incredible. 

I looked into a mirror the other day and smiled as I recounted to myself how someone somewhere with freckles like mine woke up one morning and decided to love it,  embrace it and flaunt it. And then caboom,  it’s now a beauty trend! Lots of people now dot their smooth faces with makeup to look freckled. I mean who would have thought pimples can become cool one day? 
The point of this illustration is to show you, yes you,  your worth 👌

When you begin to love and value yourself,  the puzzles fall into place. 

You highlight your strengths and embrace your flaws (deciding to work on them too), you announce it till every Dick and Harry knows you’re ‘unfuckwithable’. 

You become free from the impoverished beliefs that comes with self hate and denigration. You become in control of your feelings, relationships, opinions, actions and decisions. You know when to and when not to say no.

You become a king! 
And no,  self love doesn’t make you a monster and it’s definitely not an excuse to be mean. 

In fact,  since I started loving myself sincerely I simultaneously started loving others more.  It’s like the two work in tandem or something.  Because you love yourself, you’ll do to others what you’ll have them do to you.. 

No wonder this Bible verse is called the golden rule – it’s the purest form of love! 
Now I go ahead and get a good clean plate,  dish my meal and eat like a queen 😁

I’m my favorite person and I know my worth,  so I deserve a clean plate 😊

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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  1. And when the puzzles fall into place you begin to see yourself more clearly and that reveals your true worth to you.

    Thank you for this piece!
    It reminds me on a certain time in my life and now I realise how much I’ve grown. I’ll always use a clean plate even if I have to wash a dirty one because I deserve a clean plate!

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