*sips coffee*
Okay, I want to reveal some random stuff about me today. I would rather be enigmatic but then today I feel different. Thankful. Theolahsmusings clocked a year this month. Yayy! feels like yesterday. The journey thus far has been oh so awesome. Honestly, I found home here; freedom of some sort. Here’s a whole different world to me, where I can indulge myself in every flight of imagination possible and be uninterrupted by the mundane distractions of real life. 

(You bloggers get the gist)

And the blogs I’ve read and followed are amazing! And I’m grateful. Your posts bless me. AFF, Ricardo Sexton, Aphorisms and there’s this guy with the white beards I can’t remember the name of his blog and so many more of you, y’all wonderful people.
To our readers; we’re grateful. We see your likes and comments and feedbacks and smile. You make us want to be better. You guys rock!
*sips coffee*

1. My name is Grace Amina Okoliko, Idoma, Nigerian, African.
2. I’m a writer and a banker(on the side) studied biochemistry in college. I actually wanted medicine, but.. here we are. What’s important is I’m happy!
3. I love reading, traveling and hiking. I’m a mean chef and a badass baker too😎 
4. I wish I was a painter. The universe is so colorful and beautiful it flaunts it to my face. But then I paint too,  with words, right? 

Aside from my dream to live in a house overlooking the sea, I will also love to hang lots of paintings on my walls and those of kids (however tacky) will be enlarged, framed and hung up for decoration 😊
5. I’m darkskinned and a bit on the small side: 5’9 ft, 54kg and a 28:38 waist to hip ratio (yes-you-care-bout-the-details) lol
6. I’m first from a polygamous family of seven kids. Oh I forgot to mention the age earlier. I’m 23(with an old soul). 
7. I hate cockroaches with my whole being. They mortify me!
8. Favourite colours black and white. If I were,  light skinned, it’ll be yellow and brown. 
9. I adore yams. In every form. I can eat tha shi everyday and not get tired 😶
10. I have a thing for lions, I wish I could tame one and keep as a pet. Then I loove cats (mercy is a dear). I find puppies and parrots cute too. 
11. I speak English, Igala and Hausa fluently; Idoma and Spanish sparingly and in tongues profusely 😊
12. I fall in love easily. It’s a strength and a weakness(i trust completely, got my heart broken a number of times well it made me start writing but that’s story for another day). 
13. I don’t have regrets but there are certain situations in my life I wish I had done things differently. 
14. I’m most comfortable in T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Make up is a once in a while thing for me. 
15. Two things make me heart somersaults guys on white fitted shirts on moderate-big shoulders and biceps, and then CHOCOLATE 😋
16. 3 things make me itchy, arrogance, dirt and dishonesty. 
17. Have a childhood crush for Wentworth Miller (scofield) and a lifetime crush for Jon Snow 😄(I will climb a mountain for the latter).
18. Gimme some soul music and classics from the likes of sia, Adele, asha.. And a touch of RnB from Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown and you’ve won my 💗
19. And oh,  I’m a very lazy guitarist, a bathroom musician and an only-me-in-my-room-before-the-mirror dancer 💃 
20. (empty slots)  Now,  you can say one thing you think you know about me;: the good, bad.. I’m pretty much sure there are no uglies😉. So feel free and drop a comment. 
*sips coffee, makes a face* “urrggh it’s now cold! I’ll be right back”

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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    1. Lol okay
      I did mention my dislikes; arrogance, dirt and dishonesty, though I put it as “it makes me itchy “. So there
      And then my greatest fear uh…
      That I maybe miss an opportunity to make someone’s life better? Yea, that’s my greatest fear.

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