Botched Operation

I woke with a start. A cold air from outside caressed me disturbing my peaceful sleep. And like around nipples I was standing straight. I recognized my environment instantly even though it’s been a while I came this lane. I readied myself instantly for further orders my mission though obvious demands patience.

After placing the cap on my bald head, I plunged immediately to the task ahead. The energy running through me was amazing.

The target building, though surrounded with thick forest didn’t deter my progress and under seconds I found the door and made my way in. I didn’t need to knock, the door was open.

The room was dark but warm so I went head on, ignoring the friction of my body brushing against the walls till I hit something, soft but resilient. I retreated backwards and returned with as much force and speed as the first time. I went on and on that way, hitting the object each time; my strength increasing and so was the tempo.

I felt the liquid rush of adrenaline pumping into my head. Excited. I couldn’t contain it for long do I let it run into my cap. 

Now I didn’t move but remained inside. Fixed. So I inched closer to take a clearer view at the objects.

Two kid-like figure sat in awkward positions. They stared right back at me and I could tell, they didn’t seem too pleased to see me. They probably thought I was stingy, since I didn’t drop icecream like before. They looked bigger than the last time I was here when they were just tiny midgets. I had the icecream okay, but it was inside the cap I wore and they could see it I’m sure they did. How could I explain the situation? I can swear I felt one of them kick at me from the ballon-like walls he was trapped in. Maybe he was trying to obtain the icecream by force or worse, driving me away.

Without warning, I took to my heels, back the same way I entered. By the time I was outside, I was already slouching and shrunken with guilt.

Actually, fatigue.
So who am I?

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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