Feminism (April, 2016)

Today I’m going to share my first poem ever, yeah I know, it’s taken so much courage to do this, not that I ain’t proud of my first poem or I don’t feel it nice enough to post; something about it just made me feel I’m exposing a part of myself to the world. Sounds familiar right, the tickling feelings of ‘firsts’ and the sentiments we attach to them.

I love this poem particularly because every line carries meaning, that sounds cliche, but still every line carries meaning. I’m resisting the urge to explain each line, the way I wrote it.. But I’ll rather leave it to your imagination

Funny thing is, when I stumbled on this piece today, unlike other poems which I naturally edit everytime I go over them again, I didn’t feel the need to edit a single thing on this one, weirdly it felt perfect. I felt the same perception and perspective I felt when writing it 2 years ago..

Okay, so enough of my epistle

Here goes ‘Feminism’:

Sit and listen; she was taught

Like a lamb on it’s way to slaughter

A fluorishing spring in a closet

And full lips glimmering in latex shimmer

Wearing sunny smiles on lingering fias(co)

Her love is winter, her cries mute

A gold in an unjust society, bias

A clad voice singing m’lords flute

Then suddenly, like a stung hot air balloon

Like a volcano journeying to the moon

Floods of buried emotions erupted

Sucklings in lieu with their mums protested

All must taste her over cooked ferocious fury

Whilst she leered at the Adams with green envy

Paddling uncouthly her boat or right to the very edge

Better left to be imagined what betides the next age

©Grace Okoliko April, 2016

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