The things people don’t say..

The words
Cleave on to the roof tops of my mouth
Out, from the fortress of my mind
From the warmth of my hearts arse
Naked, unashamed, into the spotlight
Exposed to the eyes of scavengers
Fangs of predators
Devoured, devalued
Food for prejudice, criticism
This power that wields no force left in the hands of the ‘feeble’
Or spurted off the lips of the reckless
Is a dangerous weapon

My words are my joys
But they are also my woes
While they lie passive in my heart
And shield me from wild hawks eyes
I have peace
Once they’re out, they’re torn into pieces
Shredded into diverse dices
Cooked in judgement, obscurity
Changed their identities
Then thrown back at my face an enemy
A stranger
Sometimes my words are strangers
Estranged in my guts, what guts!
Clad in a cloak of anonymity
Safe in a cloak of anonymity
The things I don’t say
Are the things that make me me
The silent words, voiceless thoughts
My treasure chest
The secrets I alone own
I alone know
They’re all I’ve got
They’re my woes
They’re my joys
There, is my weapon, my sword, my words

©Grace Okoliko 2018

Published by theolahsmusings

Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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