Imperfection is bae

The idea that someone should be a certain way, behave a certain way doesn’t necessitate they have to be it in an extreme way. I, for one, thinks there shouldn’t be no such yard stick for measurement as good or bad.

We’re humans, made of emotions, most times conflicting. It depends on situations, circumstances or the personalities so that the idea of being a good, bad, perfect or ugly is just surreal.

Perfection is over rated, of course it’s attainable, but it’s definitely not necessary; it’s tasking, rigid, suicidal, unnatural, ‘unhuman’ and this makes it flawed(laughs). Anger, ignorance, pain, bad habits, like bingeing, are all emotions, they shape us (binging does give a shape after all). So you don’t need to get all worked up over these things.

Being human means they’ll times for ups and downs, joy/sadness, hunger/fullness, passion/jadedness. Being human is okay.☺

To have a perfect robot will be fine but even they aren’t so perfect (seriously did I just compare a human to a robot, I should smh for me) what’s even the definition of perfect? Yucks, yea yucks! Lol

Yea so, acknowledge your emotions, own ’em and I don’t you go be like “I’m a bad, or good, or sad person”; acknowledge them for what they are, feelings. They’re not you. You’re better. You’re like so much more..

Go out today, focus on becoming a better person not a perfect person.

©Grace Okoliko 2018

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