Odd places to get writing ideas from

Odd places to get writing ideas from this year
Hello writers!
It’s a new year, therefore I’m sure (and is completely expected that) you have your writing projects and goals all lined up for you. However, sometimes you’ll find you have a subject matter to write but have not the wherewithal to(aye, sounds like me!); which in this case will be, the content. I shall continue to refer to this ‘content’ as inspiration.
Whichever niche you write in, you’ll agree there are certain ways (planned or unplanned) we get our inspirations from(like inspiration boosters? or forget). For some it’s music, books, real life experiences, movies to others its purely imagination, and the list goes on.
Below are five (5) unconventional ways to get inspiration from for your writing this new year:


I find that a lot of information is dispatched from people when they talk. You don’t necessarily have to go creeping on or spying on people’s conversation. Merely following an interesting chitchat from two ladies or guys, in a bus or on a queue could earn you a lot of ‘free’ story to tell or write about.


Weird? I know. But I also know for a fact that animals are a very fascinating creature to observe and even learn a few things from. Countless times I have caught myself watching an animal do something even as mundane as regurgitating, and then my brain go spinning several scenarios and patterns associated with the act. Sometimes, I try to imagine what could goes on in their head when I see them exhibiting a certain behavior. Take my cat for instance, I learnt poise from her, as Tabby perfectly does know how to carry herself and then how she so cherishes her comfort, is something we could talk about some other day. So there, next time you see an animal, stop and watch them with keen interest, you never know, that could be the answer to your next genius story.

Market place

I always say that the market is where you see all caliber of persons. From the mildly insane to the extremely insane to those that are just insane by default! Oh there is just really to talk about characters in the market; not a bad idea for comic write ups.


I know right, kind of the odd one out. But don’t rule out the option just yet funny ‘stuffs’ do happen in the gym. I once heard a weightlifter died after a bench press fell on his neck (this is not funny though).
So, next time you’ve worked all those muscles out and are probably taking a break, instead of ogling at that hot lady’s curves or that dudes abs, get yourself a story to write about.

Taking walks
Oldie but a still a goodie. Especially, in our contemporary world where walking is seen as a punishment reserved for the ‘broke’ or stingy folks. Now not only is this activity healthy but it also allows one ample time to think, reflect and meditate. Now you have a reason to opt for a walk instead of jumping into the next available bike or taxi.

What bizarre way or place have you ever gotten inspiration from and what new place are you willing to try out this year?

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Hi, I'm Grace. I'm passionate about God and relationships mean a lot to me. I love books, cats and sunsets.

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