Fire and Rocks 2

FIRE & ROCKS II The hall or glorified hut rather was big and poorly lit, I could barely make the faces of the people seated by the large rectangular table. All eyes seemed to be on me as I walked in. but what repulsed me the most was the putrid stench emanating from God knows […]

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Fire & Rocks (A short story)

All rights reserved FIRE AND ROCKS 1(short story)   It was a few minutes past 1pm and the weather was severely hot and humid. I removed the thick sweater i had on and tieid it about my waist. I could already see my destination from afar off, so I heaved a sigh of relief. My […]

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Betrayal (short story)

Clara gushed into the room glowing and smiling like someone who had just won a lottery. “Angela! Guess what?” “What?” I asked with suspicious eyes. “Tony Black asked me out on a date!” She exclaimed. “What? How? You’re joking right?” “Does it sound like I am?” Look, she began, after I sent him that text […]

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Restless resting winds Why travel always? Give my sleepy soul chill Enjoy not enough my fate? My fate are sullen swollen As it mopes at your cocky mockery My spirits, sadness sunken Wants to be more, more it wants to be More than cute with curls and cats More than tangled thoughts and ponytails More […]

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The new guy (a short story)

Chapter 1~       It was a cool evening in one of the most  serene neighborhoods in jos city. On weathers  like this, at this time, people want to take walks  with their headphones on or just cycle to cool off  after a busy day or in most cases, after a long  dour day. […]

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Cursed- a short play

[6:25am, Jeji village] Hunter: (smiling, walking towards the woods, with chewing stick in mouth) Tis duty, old and tired  Of luck and trial Tis morning still Fresh as the spring on the hill Green as the stick in my lip Renews my faith and limb Of a certainty.. Today’s catch is big (smiles broadly) Lo! […]

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