The Mindset

Mindset Mother always tells me “look at the mirror, that is potential, you have all it takes Grace, all it takes to be great”. I never understood, I thought it was another of those things she likes to exaggerate about. My reflection, potential? how? I was dark skinned, skinny, straight and freckled. How can any […]

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The Clean Plate part 2

You see, there’s one thing we have little control over -the society. No matter how passionate about one is about the ills of their country, effecting a change is not a wake up and call thing. Even our past heroes laboured as patriotic as they were, I know our own independence was given to us […]

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Easter day

Tis sweet solemn day Essence of our claim Pillar if our hopes He took the blame for us Was shamed for us by us Scorned by the ones He loved Had every cause to abhor Yet chose not to see the need to And instead bore the pain The disgrace, the shame He looks on […]

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The Call

The Call​ Come, drink and be filled The life-giving fount Come as thou art Light as a feather Heavy as a pregnant woman “Eat ye that which is good” What is good? Right-choiceness Holiness; fruits of the spirit The table is set Delight your soul in fatness ©Grace Okoliko

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Weigh the love.. 

Where do we go from here?  To see thy face, Lord What remains to be done?  Search your heart dear one  Weigh the love in it What is love without giving?  True love without sacrifice?  How much of this love have you?  Search your heart dear one  Weigh the love in it ©Grace Okoliko Happy […]

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