3 Days

Day 1: Sure and surreal, felt this longing A clash, a connect? It was.. An opaque crystal chaos Day 2: Too good to be true, cried the crier Dizzied as flights of fantasies Turned slight then subtle candied moments Moments, they thought would last forever.. Day 3: Tick Tock Forever was ticking tocking, then ticked […]

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Does he know?

Does he know.. That when he laughed I melt into puddles of marshmallow goo When he smiled.. A swarm of butterflies flutter in my tummy When he cried.. The universe and time stops for a while That when he hugged me.. Whiffs of masculine scent bewitched and still haunts me And when he said bye.. […]

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Who’s the fool?

Who’s the fool in true loves two? He that’s crude, brute and lewd Or she who’s whipped, naive and true Who’s the fool betwixt these two? He who’s skilled at lies that stink Or She who loves like a lunatic ??? ┬ęGrace Okoliko

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