Odd places to get writing ideas from

Odd places to get writing ideas from this year Hello writers! It’s a new year, therefore I’m sure (and is completely expected that) you have your writing projects and goals all lined up for you. However, sometimes you’ll find you have a subject matter to write but have not the wherewithal to(aye, sounds like me!); […]

The Internet

The internet For knowledge it was birthed To inform, uplift, nourish Not deform, surfeit, brainwash To validate, not relate And promote originality, not mediocrity We were all drawn to her And like Peter’s net A massive catch it fetched But then, it’s fabric soon got broken From misuse and abuse And all who couldn’t swim […]


Lately I’ve been happy a lot, I find I smile more and easier, I greet almost everyone when I’m out and I compliment excessively. Often times I catch myself smiling for no reason and trust me the feeling is sublime. I’m tempted to think myself already successful because if you’d ask me what success meant […]