Be nice

As simple as it seems, it doesn’t really come off naturally to a whole lot of people. While some may be exceptional at faking it and would readily give a blinding smile, others can only manage a stiff jaw. You could call it pretense but at least they tried. Some credit should be given them; […]

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Lately I’ve been happy a lot, I find I smile more and easier, I greet almost everyone when I’m out and I compliment excessively. Often times I catch myself smiling for no reason and trust me the feeling is sublime. I’m tempted to think myself already successful because if you’d ask me what success meant […]

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Hello daydreamer,

I used to sit all by myself and make stories in my head, it was the best way I entertained myself. Solitude gradually became my hobby as I religiously looked forward to it. I later found the name for my secret passion is daydream. Daydreaming as its name implies simply means conjuring or making up […]

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Prisoner of freedom

In this open cell that I dwell My dreams with wide dark eyes Yell me I could fly, if I would And mock the iron cloak Hugging my woolly soul Freedom’s engraved on me I choke in its velvet waters So I bleed to be free The universe, it owes me nothing It brings me […]

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