Who’s the fool?

Who’s the fool in true loves two? He that’s crude, brute and lewd Or she who’s whipped, naive and true Who’s the fool betwixt these two? He who’s skilled at lies that stink Or She who loves like a lunatic ??? ¬©Grace Okoliko

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Listen To the lustful bird, wooing his bethroted Listen To the leaves and trees, moaning to the winds touch Listen To the waters, rushing to empty runny bellies Listen To the shrieking wind, showing off it’s cool Listen To the rain, whispering  “come n play” Listen To the mountains, echoing greatness Listen To the rainbow, […]

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Restless resting winds Why travel always? Give my sleepy soul chill Enjoy not enough my fate? My fate are sullen swollen As it mopes at your cocky mockery My spirits, sadness sunken Wants to be more, more it wants to be More than cute with curls and cats More than tangled thoughts and ponytails More […]

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  Would you remember the day? With weary hours, that day Tired like termite and droned like bee Laid my beaten body to sleep Coaxed my chaotic head to calm Before I sensed your troubled palm Planting waters on my hungry waist Arousing my sleeping to shock Hot rolling, ice stilled blood walk Up all […]

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Teach me to love

Make my heart Shudder with feelings And my skin Tingle with passion Take me to the heavens And don’t bring me back Let me float in the clouds And melt with the sky ¬©2017 Grace Okoliko

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This clingy matter Firmly in my minds grasp Yet slyly from my hands it glides Begins with a question mark Ends with an exclamation mark I hate to rush But of course, time and I never negotiate What should be I must do now Oh dearest tomorrow Bless me with a whisper A secret from […]

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You came with no warning Like winds of Sahara and downpours of October You rain sour milk to severely starved souls With your cruel hands Fighting our race, right in our face You have marred and battered lives Have afflicted sundry with suicidal thoughts Don’t you hear them howling? With voices hoarsen with hunger The […]

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