What if I don’t want to be equal to him? Satisfied and content in my skin My brassieres, my heels Yes, I’m unable to swat cockroaches And spiders mortify me It doesn’t make me a lesser me He could pay the bills, bring home the cheese I’ll do the laundry and pick the beans He’ll […]

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  ​Ar`ik`e Oh Ar`ik`e How tender your name tastes Like the fresh tomatoes in August Come closer.. our fairest jewel Let’s adore your colorful adire Perfectly proper for your prim waist Ar`ik`e Ah, your ribcage is naked to us I see, oh yes the cause for your scorn The organ beneath your breasts bleed Bleeds […]

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‘Almajiri’ – The homeless

With an air of nonchalance He treads, barefooted Upon wasted piles And rotten gutters Digging up dumps and garbage foods Like a shadow He swifts pass the crowd Clinging desperately The plate of hope beneath his arm He’ll stare into any eye Civility and shame jaded Do you see his skeletal frame, lying under the […]

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Times I long for a glimpse Your fine fair face my Prince Turns a close distant memory A disdained favorite reverie At times I yearn for your presence To hear your voice right next to my ears Could ravens bear your voice on their wings?

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Easter day

Tis sweet solemn day Essence of our claim Pillar if our hopes He took the blame for us Was shamed for us by us Scorned by the ones He loved Had every cause to abhor Yet chose not to see the need to And instead bore the pain The disgrace, the shame He looks on […]

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Weary Soul 

Tired of sleep, that routinely beeps Tired of food, the insatiable deeps Tired of garments, that grow old Tired of a house, desperate to be sold My mind and with won’t reconcile The deeds yet and of those awhile My thoughts each churn and chant hymns And beats whose dance lack rhythms Where does this […]

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A yolk sits in the blue At day grinning yellow At night, an orange hue Smiles with cheeks aglow Stilled on delicate buttocks Giggles at the Sky’s dark locks It stoops to the sea for a kiss A cool, sizzling, sloppy wet kiss Shadows looming above a’ hissing In envy to sea a sky courting […]

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